Silent Seas – The Fish Race to the Bottom

Silent Seas – Isabella Lövin

July 2012: Silent Seas now published in English
Silent Seas is the book that made the Swedish government reverse its fisheries policy and changed the author’s career from journalist to politician. Now, July 2012, the English translation of Isabella Lövin’s award-winning Silent Seas is published.

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Originally released in Sweden 2007 as Tyst hav, Silent Seas is a revealing story about the fisheries crisis in Europe. Winning 14 awards, the book sparked such a debate in Sweden that the author, Isabella Lövin, was asked by the Green party to be a candidate in the 2009 European election.

After telling the story of how failed the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy has become, Isabella Lövin is now working to change it as a leading member of the European Parliament’s fisheries committee.

Comments about the book:
“A compelling book, which all those who care about the future of our oceans will want to read.” – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh’s Fish Fight

“This book will make you want to join the battle” – Dr. Daniel Pauly, Fisheries Centre, University of British Colombia

Read an interview with Isabella Lövin about the book: Q&A: ”There’s a Limit to Fish Harvesting”

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